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Ugly Birds Game Development Labs' Journal
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Sunday, March 1st, 2009
1:13 pm
I remember a robot fighting game that gutstikk made, or half made, but last night I had a dream about trolls fighting in the Troll King's arena, and I was thinking of a re-purpose of the robot game to trolls.  This is what I came up with.

Premise - You are rebel trolls caught by the Troll King and sentenced to fight to the death for his amusement in the great arena for the crime of joining Sylfie's rebellion.  Being trolls, fighting comes naturally, and brotherhood does not, and while Sylfie might not approve, well, they've promised you your freedom if you win, and, frankly, principle doesn't come naturally to trolls, either.  So there you are.

Game for 3 to 6 players. 

Setup Each Troll consists of 20 life and 5 slots arranged like a plus sign.
Head is the top slot, which is where you play Strategies and Helmets.
Body is the center, where you play Physiques, Armors, and Clothes
Left and Right Hands are on either side, where you play Weapons and Shields.
Feet is the bottom slot, where you play Boots and Maneuvers.
There are also cards you can play from your hand.  You have a hand limit of 3 cards.

Start each player takes three cards, determine the first player any way you like.

Turn it goes like this:
Draw a card from the deck or discard (top only in both cases).
Upkeep untap any tapped cards.
Play a card.  One card.  If you cannot play a card, discard back to 3.
Attack another Troll.  Tap cards as appropriate.  If you have no weapons, a troll punch does 1 damage.
Get Your Ass Kicked By Other Trolls - you may have cards that protect you from this.

Winner is the last Troll standing.  The Troll King orders said Troll executed with full honors (sh.  Don't tell the trolls this).

Head Slot Cards
Sneaky (strategy) - Tap to play a card in a slot without revealing what it is.  You cannot use this card until you reveal it.  Untap Sneaky when you reveal the card.
Skull Cap (Helmet) - Adds 1 to your armor.
Big Hat (Helmet) - Adds 1 to your armor.
Quick Change (Strategy) - You can play up to 2 cards on your turn.
Scavenger (Strategy) - You can draw either of the top two cards in the discard.
Pack Troll (Strategy) - Increase your hand size to 2.
(Strategy) - If you have a hand slot free, you can take an item from another troll instead of attacking them.  If you have a slot free (or 2 if it's a 2 handed item) for that item, you may equip it.  If not, discard it.  You cannot take Strategies, Physiques or Maneuvers.
Bastard! (Strategy) - Tap and discard when attacked.  The attack is redirected to another troll (not the one who originated it - bastardry has its limits).  If there is no third troll to attack, oh well, should have used that before.

Body Slots
Troll Strength (Physique) - You can use a weapon of 2 value as an "other hand" weapon.
Troll Stamina (Physique) - You regain 1 life every upkeep, while you have this.
Rusty Blood (Physique) - Any weapon that does its full damage against you must be discarded.
Tarry Blood (Physique) - Tap this when any weapon that does its full damage against you.  It goes into your hand
and you do not draw on your next turn.
Light Armor (Armor) - Adds 2 to your armor.
Not-So-Light Armor (Armor) - Adds 3 to your armor.
Spikey Armor (Armor) Adds 1 to your armor and deals 1 damage to any Troll that Attacks you.
Impressive Coat
(Coat) Adds 1 to your armor. Tap to reduce 1 damage done to you by any source.
Coat with Pockets (Coat) Adds 1 to your armor. Has 2 pockets, slots where you can put play-from-hand items.  You can equip these items face down and play them as if from your hand.
Coat with Sheath (Coat) Adds 1 to your armor. Has a Sheath slot to hold an extra weapon. You can equip the weapon face down to the sheath and then equip it to your hand slots later as if from your hand.

Hand Slot Items
Trollknife (Weapon) Attack of 1, can be used as an "other hand" weapon, giving you an extra attack with a value of 1.
Hatchet (Weapon) Attack of 1, can be used as an "other hand" weapon, giving you an extra attack with a value of 1.  It can also be used to lock up a shield instead of attack, forcing the troll who has the shield to tap it.  Shields tapped this way do not increse the armor of the troll holding it.
Chopping Sword (Weapon) Attack of 2, does horrible things to the unarmored.  If both points of damage go through, increase damage done to 3.
Axe (Weapon) Attack of 2, Attack of 3 if your other hand slot is free.
Mace (Weapon) Attack of 2, Discard to cause target to discard any one Strategy, Physique or Manuever they have equipped (their choice).
Pick Attack of 2.  Does 1 point of damage to target regardless of armor or shield.
Mace and Chain Attack of 3.  Yeah!
Spear Attack of 2, Requires 2 hands, any troll who attacks you takes a strength 1 Attack in return.  Tap spear to make it a strength 3 attack.
Great Axe: Attack of 5, requires 2 hands to use.  Taps when used, does not untap unless you discard a card from your hand.
Punchy Buckler: Increases armor by 1 or tap to use as an "other hand" weapon, giving you an extra attack with a value of 1.
Shield: Increases Armor by 1 or tap to increase armor by 3.

Foot Slot Items
Kicky Shoes (Boots) - Trolls have a different concept of this term than fashionistas.  Tap to gain an additional 1 strength attack.
Iron-Shod Boots (Boots) - Add 1 to armor.
Fleet (Manuever) - Discard befor your draw.  You lose this turn, but cannot be attacked until the end of your next turn.
Defensive Stance (Manuever) - Tap to untap a piece of equipment that would untap normally on your upkeep.
Parry (Manuever) - Forgo attacking to add the value of your Weapons to your Armor until the beginning of your next turn.
Kick Sand in their Face - Tap to tap one Manuever or Strategy equipped on another Troll.  Their Choice.
Trolly Toes (Maneuver) - Tap to draw the top card of the Discard Pile in addition to any draw you made, you must discard down to 3 cards in your hand before you attack.

Play from Hand Items - All these may be played off-turn and in excess of your normal single play.  They are discarded when played.
Sylfie Doll - Regain 2 health.
Rosary - Untap all items equipped.
Smoke Bomb - Negate 1 attack.
Fire Bomb - Strength 5 attack.  Discard to the bottom of the discard Pile.
Vulture Fetish - Go through the discard and take the item of your choice into your hand.
Mole Fetish - Shuffle discard pile back into the draw deck.
Troll Beads - Play on a Troll about to attack.  They attack the Troll you specify and keep the troll beads face up on the table next to them until the end of your next turn (at which point, they discard them).  While they have the troll beads, you cannot attack them.
Sunday, November 16th, 2008
5:32 pm
Concepts for Winter Sorrow
Suffering:  Three things that can lead to your death in the Field: Grief, Fear and Cold.
Automatic Suffering: Any suffering that cannot be avoided, except by certain abilities:  Ugly Birds cause Grief, Hungry Dogs cause Fear and Lonely Ghosts cause Cold when they are encountered, independent of Conflicts.
The Field
: Any location outdoors or abandoned.  It is much harder to recover from Suffering in the Field and much easier to get it than in Sanctuary.  Weather and Night Fear only affect you in the Field.
Interval: Standard unit of daily time - sunrise to sunset and sunset to sunrise. 
Sanctuary:  Any place indoors and inhabited by people who aren't hostile to you.
Territory: an area of the Field where Encounters happen.
Encounter: the setting for a Conflict.
Conflict: Two or more agencies in conflict with one another in such a way that the previous state of things is changed.
Abilities: Attributes of Characters that modify how they interact with the environment.
Sickness: State entered when a character gains too much Suffering.  They can now only recover Suffering from the Attentions of a Healer in Sanctuary.
Sickness unto Death: State entered by characters who gain too much Suffering.  As Sickness, but the character gains Cold from any lost Conflict or any Automatic Suffering.
Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
1:32 pm
Winter Sorrow Part 1
The war, such as it was, has been covered over in snow and hunger.  Those who began it have retreated north and south to their castles and homes to decide what is to come with the spring, but in the middle, along the border, there are those with no place safe to which they can retreat, and many who were born and bred Oak or Pine have found themselves more Walnut than they ever dared imagine.  Dahan-Nen, Queen of the Ugly Birds has woken in her swaying tower, flush with the blood of the slain and wants more.

There are, however, some among the abandoned;  just to the eastern side of the borderlands, the daughter of a minor lord,  one who'd been seen as no more than a demure, blushing trophy-bride-to-be has taken control of her lands and has begun to set up a kingdom of her own for those dispossessed.  Among the victims of war, many have distinguished themselves.  In a land with few great epics, little martial tradition, a time in which there is little glory or fame to be had, there are heroes.

Okay, it's mostly you guys. 

What you are doing: Helping people in the winter that followed the war.  Starvation, cold, banditry, the sudden influx of ghosts and the awakening of Dahan-Nen are claiming almost as many lives as the fighting did, and will probably take a lot more than the war did by spring.  The people in the borderlands between the two kingdoms have been forsaken and abandoned by their kingdoms and left for dead.  One person seeks to give them a home, or, perhaps fulfill her own ambitions of rulership.  Will you join her, fight her, save the people or simply try to survive? 

Dangers you face:  Grief, Fear and Cold are the sufferings that seek to take your life.  Weather, the dark of the Night, Ugly Birds, Hungry Dogs, Lonely Ghosts and living bandits and deserters will try to inflict them on you.  The terrain of the land is dangerous and the rivers are swollen with snow and blood.  All these things, knowingly or not, can fall under the sway of Dahan-Nen as she seeks to claim the land between Oak and Pine for death. 

Grief is the sorrow that now soaks into the frozen ground like blood.  Combined with lonliness, the chill of winter, the touch of starvation, the threat of violence and the will of Dahan-Nen, Grief, in and of itself is a force that can kill.
Weather - Overcast skies can give you Grief, if you spend a day beneath them.  Shelter will protect you, as long as you wake up and bed down under cover.
Ugly Birds - Laugh and mock you.  Ravens in these lands can speak, and vultures can cackle, and scavenging harpy owls can shriek.  They take delight in harassing folks and taunting them with their eventual fates.  The best way to stay safe from them is to not encounter them, but the music of a pipe, flute or recorder can drive them off, sometimes.
The Remains of the Dead - Still litter the land, despite the best efforts of grave diggers and pyre builders.  Witnessing a person die in a nonviolent fashion also causes Grief.  You never know when you will encounter death or the dead, but giving them a proper sendoff
Unarmed Nonviolent Conflict - Life is a struggle, and conflict with others and with the daily necessities of survival have become infused with he will of Dahan-Nen, so that failure in tasks and disagreements with others can take on additional sting.  It is hard to avoid suffering Grief in losing and hard to avoid inflicting Grief in winning, the things that you learn can help.
Starvation - After four days without food, hunger will cause you Grief.
Exhaustion - If you do not sleep, you suffer Grief, one for each night you stay awake.

Fear is a fact of life as invisible and ubiquitous as the cold winds that blow through the land.  Fear of death, starvation, the dark of night, threats and abuse from dogs and bandits, minor wounds; these can also add up to a weight that will bear a person down to the grave.
Weather - Dahan-Nen commands the winds, as do some magicians in the land.  The Bitter Wind will cause you Fear.  As with all Weather Conditions, the best way to avoid them is to be indoors.
The Dark of Night - If you sleep out, you will face the dark, which is the home of Fear.  Fire will help to protect you, though someone might have to stay up to keep that fire burning.
Thorns - Thorns grow long and thick and wild, and shed their leaves and blacken in the winter, but do not die.  If you decide to move through thorns, you suffer Fear in the form of cuts and scratches.
Hungry Dogs - There are wild dogs in the woods, an old breed; they used to be friends of mankind, but now, in this winter, they have parted ways.  Most packs are not quite hungry enough to try to kill you, but they will chase and attack you if you do not give them food.  Giving the pack food will buy them off, and few packs are bold or desperate enough to attack someone who is armed.
Unarmed Violent Conflicts and Armed Nonviolent Conflicts - Fisticuffs and threats are common, especially when on encounters deserters or bandits.  This land has no great martial traditions, so few violent conflicts continue to a fatal conclusion, or, at least, when they do, it is more by accident than design.  Still, threats and beatings cause Fear and Fear does kill.
Continuing a Conflict - If you lose a conflict and decide to up the ante, moving from Nonviolent to Violent or from Unarmed to Armed, you suffer Fear.  Likewise, if you win a Conflict and wish to keep your oponent in Conflict, you suffer Fear as well.
Battle Fear - The armies of both kingdoms were scarcely more than militias, and living, experienced warriors are few.  Most people suffer Fear just from engaging in an Armed, Violent Conflict, before any outcomes are known.
Witnessing Violence - Horrible things have happened to people in this land, and, sadly, they continue.  Anyone witnessing someone die a Violent Death suffers Fear.
Starvation - After 4 days of suffering Grief from Hunger, you begin to suffer Fear as your body starts to digest itself to stay warm.

Cold gets in everywhere.  The cold of the winter and the chill of the grave have joined forces to steal the life from everyone.
Weather - Snow is one thing, but in these territories, there are times when it rains.  Rain takes the heat right from a person.  Occasionally, there will also be cold snaps.  In these cases, shelter or fire is needed to avoid suffering the cold.
Lonely Ghosts - Have fallen to the cold.  Human beings are warmth and life to them, and they will grab onto a person and try to warm themselves against the life they lost.  The warmth is lost from the living and lost on the dead, but ghosts do not realize this.  Ghosts can be held at bay with silver, and tend not to move in the daylight, but must otherwise be avoided; it is not good to see the sun go down within a territory in which one saw a Ghost.
Violent Armed Conflict - There is no winner in a fight, just someone who loses less.  The person who loses more when metal is drawn suffers Cold in the form of serious injury.
Witnessing Damnation - Should you see someone killed or taken by Ghosts or some other supernatural force, the death of the one person can spread to you as well.
Water - Going into a body of water in the winter.  That should be pretty obvious.
Starvation - After four days of suffering Fear from hunger, you begin to suffer cold as your body loses the ability to keep itself warm.

Hope is the only thing you have that might save you.  You can spend it to avoid suffering that you would be otherwise unable to avoid.  It also functions as Character Points for buying up Abilities.  You gain Hope by helping people.

Abilities modify what you can do or when you must suffer.  These are They:

Bard 1You can spend an hour each day to performing to restore 1 Grief to everyone in your audience. Those who gain too much Grief do not die as long as they are in your presence and, if they remain with you for a day or more, they are restored to 1 Grief short of death.
Bard 2If you win a Nonviolent conflict that others in your group lost, they do not suffer Grief.
Bard 3You gain a Bonus Die for all Nonviolent Conflicts with human beings.
Bard 4You do not suffer Grief from Nonviolent Conflicts with human beings. Those in your presence are eased of 1 Grief for each day they stay in your presence.
Bard 5You can give a point of Hope to another person 1/Day. When that person uses that point, you gain 2 points.
Brawn 1You gain a separate box on your character sheet that refreshes 1/Day. This box takes up the first point of Suffering (of any kind) you receive in a day.
Brawn 2You do not suffer Grief from Weather Conditions or Lack of Food (Fear and Cold as Normal).
Brawn 3Gain a Bonus Die in all Nonviolent Conflicts that involve physical or athletic ability.
Brawn 4You are good at Wrestling, and are considered Armed at all times.
Brawn 5You gain a second separate box on your character sheet that refreshes 1/Day. This box takes up the first point of Suffering (of any kind) you receive in a day.
Dog Tamer 1You do not suffer Fear from interactions with Hungry Dogs.
Dog Tamer 2If you win a Hungry Dog Conflict, you can convince a dog to keep watch over you while you are sleeping or otherwise occupied and warn of new intruders.
Dog Tamer 3If you have a Hungry Dog watching over you, you do not suffer Night Fear.
Dog Tamer 4If you win a Hungry Dog Conflict, you can disperse a pack of dogs or drive a single dog away. A dispersed pack cannot initiate Conflicts.
Dog Tamer 5If you win a Hungry Dog Conflict, you can gain a Hungry Dog as a companion. As long as the dog is fed and not mistreated, it will accompany you. You do not suffer night fear in its presence and are considered armed for the purposes of Conflicts with humans.
Fire Sibling 1You do not suffer Cold from Weather Conditions or immersion in water.
Fire Sibling 2You are considered armed when you have a torch in hand.
Fire Sibling 3You can start fires without a tinderbox. These fires are normal fires that don't do anything special.
Fire Sibling 4You do not suffer from Weather Conditions.
Fire Sibling 5You give off enough heat that you can protect up to 5 others from suffering Cold due to Weather Conditions as long as you stay in one place.
Forager 1You do not need to tick off a day's worth of food every third day.
Forager 2You can engage in a Nonviolent Conflict to find food in a Territory, once per day. If you win, you find a day's supply of food.
Forager 3You do not need to tick off a days worth of food every second day.
Forager 4You can engage in a Nonviolent Conflict to find food in a Territory, once per day. If you win, you find three day's supply of food.
Forager 5You can find enough food to feed yourself every day, regardless of conditions.
Hardened 1You do not suffer Grief from seeing someone die in a non-violent manner or on encountering unburied dead.
Hardened 2You do not suffer Fear from seeing someone die in a violent manner.
Hardened 3You can kill without suffering Fear.
Hardened 4You do not suffer Cold from seeing a person taken by Ghosts.
Hardened 5You can gain Hope, once per day, by killing someone who you have witnessed behaving violently.
Healer 1You can ease one Cold for another person with a full day's work. If you display your profession openly, you gain 1 Bonus Die in all Nonviolent Conflicts with people to not get hurt or to keep violence from breaking out.
Healer 2You can ease one Fear for another person with a half day's work. If you win an Unarmed Nonviolent Conflict with another person, you can choose not to cause them Grief.
Healer 3You can ease one fear for yourself with a half day's work. You can ease one Fear in another with an hour's work. If you win an Unarmed Violent Conflict or an Armed Violent Conflict with another person, you cannot inflict Fear on them.
Healer 4You can ease one Cold for yourself with a full day's work. You can ease one Cold for another person with a half day's work.
Healer 5You can ease cold or Fear in another person with an hour's work.
Hedge Knight 1You can ride a horse well enough to initiate Conflicts from horseback, and, when mounted, are considered Armed for Battle.
Hedge Knight 2You can use Hope when initiating a Violent Conflict.
Hedge Knight 3You're very good at scrounging and repairing weapons, and can, with a day's work, find weapons enough to arm one person. You can arm a person for battle with three days work.
Hedge Knight 4You have an air of combat experience which gives you a Bonus Die in all Armed Nonviolent Conflicts or Violent Unarmed Conflicts.
Hedge Knight 5You have an air of authority. If you win a Nonviolent Conflict of any type with a Human opponent, you can choose to cause Grief, Fear or nothing at all to them.
Night Fighter 1You can see in the moonlight as well daylight, starlight as well as moonlight, dark as well as starlight. You're no more affectedby bright lights than any normal human being. You do not suffer from Night Fear.
Night Fighter 2You do not need to sleep, and do not suffer from Exhaustion due to lack of sleep.
Night Fighter 3Gain an Bonus Die in all Fear Conflicts.
Night Fighter 4You can see in all lighting conditions as if it were full daylight.
Night Fighter 5If you lose a Fear Conflict, you suffer Grief instead of Fear.
Pious 1You are able to sense the presence of Lonely Spirits within the Territory.
Pious 2You do not suffer Cold from interactions with Lonely Spirits.
Pious 3If you win a Lonely Spirit Conflict, you can abolish the spirit, driving it from the territory.
Pious 4Lonely Spirits must win a Conflict against you before initiating Conflicts with anyone else in your group.
Pious 5If you win a Lonely Spirit Conflict, the spirit becomes peaceful and harmless and may be willing to talk and give you information.  
Piper 1You do not suffer Grief from interactions with Ugly Birds.
Piper 2If you win an Ugly Bird Conflict, you persuade the birds to give you one item of information the birds find useful.
Piper 3If you win an Ugly Bird Conflict, you disperse the flock. A dispersed flock cannot initiate any more Conflicts.
Piper 4If you win an Ugly Bird Conflict, your allies do not suffer Grief from interactions with the Ugly Birds.
Piper 5If you win an Ugly Bird Conflict, you persuade the birds to to bother someone else or spy for you.
Soldier 1You do not suffer Battle Fear on entering a Violent Conflict.
Soldier 2You suffer Grief from Nonviolent Conflicts with armed people, rather than Fear.
Soldier 3You can use weapons and armor suitable for war, and if you possess such items you are considered Armed for Battle.
Soldier 4You gain a Bonus Die in all Violent Conflicts.
Soldier 5You are considered Armed for Battle as long as you have any weapon, regardless of quality.
Walnut Blood 1You can speak the languages of Oak and Pine without an accent and are knowledgeable in all the cultural practices and beliefs of each side.
Walnut Blood 2Choose Oak or Pine. You can "pass" as a member of that group, or as Walnut.
Walnut Blood 3You gain an Bonus Die for all Nonviolent interactions with any culture that in which you "pass."
Walnut Blood 4You can pass as a member of the group you did not choose before, though it takes an hour of preparation to switch between Oak and Pine.
Walnut Blood 5Members of both groups automatically assume you are one of them and need to win a Nonviolent Conflict against you in order to identify you as Walnut.
Wind Caller 1You do not suffer Fear from the Weather Conditions. You can predict Weather Conditions 24 hours in advance.
Wind Caller 2You can send a message on the wind to another person you know. It takes an hour to traverse each Territory and will wait up to 24 hours for the recipient. The recipient can only get the message when out of doors.
Wind Caller 3You can listen to sounds on the wind anywhere within the Territory. These sounds can be inside of structures. You can also disperse a Wind sent by another wind caller by winning an Unarmed Violent Conflict with it.
Wind Caller 4You can call a wind to cause Fear and Cold to your opponents and are considered armed whenever you are out of doors.
Wind Caller 5You can send a wind to harass someone you know. This wind follows the same rules as a message wind, but instead of sending a verbal message, it causes Fear.  
Woodlander 1You do not suffer from Terrain Features.
Woodlander 2You gain a Bonus Die in all Nonviolent Conflicts that involve noticing or not being noticed.  
Woodlander 3You gain the services of a woodland spirit in the form of a glowing Sparrow that can scout and report terrain features and describe in the Territory.
Woodlander 4You gain the ability to see through your familiar's eyes and gain information about anything in the Territory it can see from the air.
Woodlander 5Your connection to the land grows so that you can see things through the woodland spirit's eyes that you could not normally see from the air.
Thursday, October 16th, 2008
10:02 am
2nd meeting, November 2nd [Sunday]
I'd like to propose November 2nd for our next meeting date. If anyone has gaming ideas they'd like to move forwards with, post in here what you'd like to have us test - failing anything else, we'll continue with autumn war for now.
Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
3:05 pm
Winter Sorrow - Character Attributes and Resources.

Winter Sorrow is intended to be an rpg that picks up where Autumn War leaves off. Two nations shattered by their war, refugees streaming in from the borders, deserters and bandits robbing from anyone they can find, hungry dogs, ugly birds, lonely ghosts and other things wandering the countryside, most of the food from the past harvest rotted away with the bodies of the soldiers it was taken to feed. Snow.

This will not be a happy time.

Characters are going to be those returning from the battlefield where they found and buried their loved ones, those who have no home to go back to, and those who do not feel like they can go home, after what they saw in the war and on the battlefield. In this time, the people of Oak and Pine (to say nothing of their mixed Walnut children) need heroes, and that, in a way, is what you're going to be.

Sort of. Assuming that you don't starve or freeze to death first.

No matter what I may want to do, this is bound to be a hippy game. Violent conflict is going to be off to one side and something that PCs are going to learn to dread getting involved in and then, there is the grim subject matter.

So we'll run with that.

Character Resources:
Grief - Negative resource, measuring emotional pain and anguish. Gained from social conflicts and Ugly Birds, possibly other sources. Too much is possibly fatal, depending on situation.
Fear - Negative resource, measuring fear, anxiety, stress and superficial injuries. Gained from physical conflicts without weapons, social conflicts with weapons involved, and doggies. Too much is probably fatal without intervention.
Cold - Actual life threatening danger, gained from the dead, from, you know, actual cold, and from physical conflicts with weapons and for keepsies. Too much is fatal, every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
Hope - Why not, I'll be a partisan hack this year. Hope is a measure of, well, the thing itself, as well as inner strength and personal resources of will and heroic goodness. Positive resource, used to aid in conflicts, you get hope when you help people. There is no upper limit to how much you can have, but practical limits make it so that totals are bound to be pretty low.

***Core Mechanic*** In each conflict, characters are going to spend Hope or get the negative resource appropriate to the Conflict.  The main back-and-forth is going to be bidding wars between the players and the GM *or* players and their designated hater (if you want to go really hippy); modified by abilities. 


This is the other set of positive resources that modify your ability to do things.  Most of them will be defensive in nature, keyed to a certain common threat in the setting.

Ugly Birds
Hungry Dogs
Lonely Ghosts

Some will focus on human-human conflict; these, too, will also be largely defensive in nature.
The remaining will be restorative of positive in some sense.
There are no offensive abilities, at least, not where living human beings are concerned.
Sunday, October 12th, 2008
12:26 pm
Ugly Birds is Up
Welcome to Ugly Birds.  Watch this space for game stuff.

A couple of questions for those already here:

1) Let other people in on this community, or just keep it local to the crew that met at Jen and Ben's apartment?
I know some people who might potentially have a lot to contribute to the online presence, so I vote for, but I'll leave it up to everyone to decide.

2) I need more user names.  I don't know if TJ, Ben, Buck or Joe have them.

2) What are you working on?
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